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Smart Tweezers ST5-S Professional LCR Meter / ESR Meter


  • Built-in high-precision LCR probe
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
  • Automated component identification
  • Automated test range selection
  • Manual C, R, L, Z and ESR modes
  • Test signal levels 0.5 and 1.0Vrms
  • Swiss-made precise test leads
  • Diode Polarity/Short Testing
  • Secondary D, Q, ESR parameters
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Universal Micro USB charger
  • High visibility OLED display



Building and Industrial Thermal Imagers

Building and Industrial (Commercial) Thermal Imagers save time, energy, reduce downtime and find problems that exist before failures or disasters occur


Driver Vision Vehicle Thermal Imagers

Driver Vision Thermal Imagers, or Vehicle Thermal Imagers are dashboard mount thermal imagers for locating road hazards and suspects


Fire First Responder Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imagers for First Responders and Fire Fighters are used to locate casualties and hazards in total darkness, smoke, fog and fire


Fixed Mount Thermal Imagers

Fixed Mount Thermal Imagers are multi-sensor cameras primarily intended for indoor and outdoor security applications


Hunting and Outdoor Thermal Imagers

Specialized Thermal Imagers for Hunting and Outdoor uses


Law Enforcement Thermal Imagers

Law Enforcement Thermal Imagers Thermal Imagers for Law Enforcement are used to locate criminals, casualties and hazards in total darkness, smoke, fog and fire


Marine Thermal Imagers

Specialized Thermal Imagers for Marine and Boating applications


Thermal Imager IR Windows

Infrared Windows for Thermal Imagers make electrical inspections safer by reducing exposure to electrical hazards in panels


AM / FM Signal Generators

AM/FM Signal Generators go beyond an RF Signal Generator to modulate the signal


Audio Generators

An Audio Generator is a signal generator designed for audio applications with low frequency signal generation, specifically for audio bandwidth


Frequency Counters

A Frequency Counter is standalone instrument or capability of an instrument for measuring frequency


Function Generator

Function and arbitrary waveform generators are among the most important and versatile pieces of electronic test equipment


Noise Generators

Noise Generators inject a noise signal into a device under test (DUT) to test its behavior in a more realistic simulated scenario


Pulse Generator

Programmable Pulse Generators, also called Pulse Pattern Generators, output square waves for use in research and testing of digital systems and circuits


RF Signal Generator

Radio Frequency (RF) Generators create continuous waves (CW) that can be used for research and troubleshooting of RF equipment and components


AC Power Supplies

Power Supplies deliver electric power to a device or circuit (Electrical Load), usually by stepping down a higher voltage. AC Power Supplies step down AC Voltages


DC Power Supplies / Lab Power Supplies

Power Supplies step down or up an AC Voltage and convert it to DC


AC/DC Power Supplies

AC/DC Power Supplies have both AC and DC outputs for connection to different loads


Electronic Loads

Electronic loads are instruments that simulate electronic device behavior for manufacturing and laboratory research purposes


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptable Power Supplies obtain their power from batteries to provide backup power to deliver it to computers and other critical equipment and use AC power


Handheld Multimeter

Handheld Multimeters are portable, battery powered multimeters for measuring Voltage, Current, Resistance, and more


Benchtop Multimeter

Benchtop Multimeters are line powered higher precision multimeters for measuring Voltage, Current, Resistance, and more on an electronics bench


Digital Oscilloscopes

Digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO’s) take an input signal, typically voltage over time, and convert it from an analog wave to a series of digital signals


Analog Oscilloscopes

An Analog Oscilloscope will draw waveforms on its display by deflecting an electron beam which sweeps across its screen horizontally


Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO)

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) can capture analog and digital signals at once. An MSO usually combines 2 or 4 analog ch. and 8/16/32 digital


PC Based Oscilloscopes

PC based oscilloscopes are the modern alternative to the traditional bench top oscilloscope


Portable Oscilloscopes

Portable oscilloscopes, otherwise known as handheld oscilloscopes, and typically used for on site maintenance

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