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AM / FM Signal Generators

AM/FM Signal Generators go beyond an RF Signal Generator to modulate the signal


Audio Generators

An Audio Generator is a signal generator designed for audio applications with low frequency signal generation, specifically for audio bandwidth


Frequency Counters

A Frequency Counter is standalone instrument or capability of an instrument for measuring frequency


Function Generator

Function and arbitrary waveform generators are among the most important and versatile pieces of electronic test equipment


Noise Generators

Noise Generators inject a noise signal into a device under test (DUT) to test its behavior in a more realistic simulated scenario


Pulse Generator

Programmable Pulse Generators, also called Pulse Pattern Generators, output square waves for use in research and testing of digital systems and circuits


RF Signal Generator

Radio Frequency (RF) Generators create continuous waves (CW) that can be used for research and troubleshooting of RF equipment and components

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